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Life Lately {June addition}

Life Lately {June addition}

So Life Lately has been a little crazy. Also, looking back on a lot of my blog posts recently they have been super deep and vulnerable and emotional and all that jazz. And that is great and I always think my writing is most real […]

Where This Summer Takes Me.

Where This Summer Takes Me.

Where can this summer take me? To find that I love crafts. To remind me of my love for writing. To keep me committed to my pen pals. To push me closer to the Almighty. To bring me closer to family. To expand my musical […]

Find Your Joy.

Find Your Joy.

For the third time in the past five days I had someone differentiate between happiness and joy. One way, I feel, that God speaks to me is through suggestions and comments from people influential in my life. So when a suggestion or an intriguing comment is made I listen. When Greg spoke tonight at Fellowship he prayed that as students we would find joy, not happiness, but joy.

SO…. I am going to talk about the differences and how this speaks to me this week.

Happiness is defined as: the quality or state of being happy.

Joy is defined as: the emotion of great delight caused by something exceptionally good or satisfying; keen pleasure; elation.

As I have been listening and contemplating the difference between happiness and joy, what I have discovered is this: joy is long-term. Happiness is superficial and it is short lived. But when a person can find joy it can last for a lifetime. I am NOT saying that once a person acquires joy in their life that life is easy or that hardships will never approach, but I am saying that with eternal joy instilled in a person’s heart he/she can conquer daily trials with inner peace that cannot be discovered without joy.

My God has provided me with Joy. All day he gave me loved ones who welcomed me and people who desire my presence with them. I felt like I fit in at school. That being at UT, isn’t a mistake, I can possibly make this work.

Today, I dressed for success. I set out with the purpose of finding joy. That I have been given this opportunity and it would be a shame and foolish for me to declare that God’s plan is unfit for me. That he made a mistake. That my job here at UT is only to walk through the halls as if I don’t care. Today I walked throughout my day being intentional. Every conversation, every assignment, every goal, I did with the full purpose of glorifying God and taking full advantage of His timing and His plan for my life. I have found joy. While I am jumping the gun to say this, I believe it to be true. That with the attitude of importance and with the mind-set of great delight, anyone can allow the eternal peace of Jesus to wash over them bringing them everlasting joy. (:

Tonight my friends and I decided to get crazy… we are pulling an all nighter and dying my hair. I am now a brunette (like I was before this summer). Weird. Thanks to Alexis, Micaela, Caroline, Claire, Kristin, and Elizabeth. We are studying together and working on essays and other assignments for the week. But He has placed us at this time to enJOY one another and rest in the JOY of these once-in-a-life-time moments. Embracing these evenings, and one another, with the same open and loving arms that Christ extends towards us.



An evening I will always remember… Well back to Religious Studies… the girls say I gotta get back to studying.

– Sarah (: