Navigating normality since 1993.


My name is Sarah Moog.

 I am 22 years old and I recently graduated from The University of Tennessee #govols. I am a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a student, and a friend. But what does that say about me? If you know that information do you now know me? Do you get to call me friend?

The following information is an attempt to make myself known. Enjoy.

I like warm pumpkin pie and black olives. Not mixed, of course.

I struggle to drink 8 cups of water a day.

Pairing good coffee with good books is a favorite pass time.

I don’t enjoy video games.

Your words are valuable to me.

I like long walks. Friends welcome, but not needed.

I prefer my spinach raw.

I can dig a good thunderstorm.

I wish I was a better photographer.

Hugs heal the inside.

I enjoy knitting while watching the show Friends.

How I Met Your Mother is bae.

I think I’m funny. We can agree to disagree on this matter.

love seafood.

dislike the beach.

I feel safe when I am standing on the peak of Mt. Princeton or when I smell Eddie Bauer cologne.

I would read The Count of Monte Cristo every day if I could.

Music and candy are better without the (w)rappers.

Chacos all day, every day.


I have two dogs.

I never loved Michael Jackson, pre or post death.

I like Taylor Swift.

I love Ellie Holcomb.

Redeeming Love changed me forever.

There are hammocks and there are Enos. Choose wisely.

Write me a handwritten letter. I will cherish it forever, and I’ll write back.

Read Harry Potter if you desire to understand my imagination or my adoration for J. K. Rowling.

Don’t ever buy me balloons, because I will most likely criticize their assembly, pressure, and design.

Santa Claus is real.

I have 3 scars, 1 mole, and a lot of freckles.

I am five foot and three inches tall.

Stationary of all kinds makes me happy.

I’m extremely picky about my pens, and for some reason I think this is normal.

Stories give history meaning.

I journal daily.

My birthday is in April.

I take my coffee with two cream and two sugar.

Sweet tea was a gift from God.

Details are important.

Sunsets are cheesy, but then again, I love cheesy.

I’d marry George W. if he wasn’t taken.

I come from a big family, and I want a big family.

I’ve always wanted to live on a big farm with horses.

I’m loud.

My lucky number is 4.

My eyes are blue, but I think blue eyes are overrated.

Math makes me nostalgic.

I like the smell of rain and old books.

Love is enough.

I wish I was a minimalist.

Honest writing beats fiction every day of the week.

I’m deaf in my left ear.

I have always wanted a nose ring.


– Sarah

2 thoughts on “Vulnerability”

  • Just a few thoughts:
    “There are hammocks and there are Enos. Choose wisely.” Now that’s a statement that is so applicable to a lot of things!

    I like stationary too, but that’s actually a problem. However, I think you mean you like stationery. Stationery of all kinds makes you (and me) happy. I think it is a very personal way to communicate.

    You might explain why you are a stickler for balloons.

    I think you are funny too. (And nice, and beautiful, and someone I like to be around)

    I’m pretty picky about my pens too. But I also have a pen fetish. I’d collect them if I could ever justify it or if I win the lottery. I also like watches.

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