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You said I was your favorite Sarah and that would never change.

Am I still?


We promised to go on a bear hunt, and to catch all of the Indians on Cherokee Trail.

Will we still?


You played even after your mind couldn’t remember the words. Your hands still new the strings.

Do they still?IMG_2130

We watched baseball games, begging you to cheer for the winning team. You always would.

Will you still?

DSC_0014 - Version 2

Your voice went lower than I could ever attempt in the first refrain of Swing Low, Sweet Chariot.

Does it still?


Your hands clapped after every single one of my choir performances, cello recitals, and graduations.

Will they still?


Sneaking extra pieces of pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving was always our favorite part.

Is it still?


You promised to love me until time stood still.


Is time still?

2 thoughts on “Still”

  • Sarah, he is doing all of that and so much more. Seven months ago when my mother passed a friend told me something that I want to share with you. You will be with your grandfather, our Uncke Bill, longer than you will be without him. Heaven is forever!

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