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Injustice isn’t always Black and White


First things first, I don’t have a political agenda. So please read my words and hear my heart. Because my heart hurts for a lot of reasons. Thanksgiving is usually one of my favorite times of the year. I love being around family and I love watching ordinary people stop and appreciate their ordinary lives. There is just something magical about it! But this year things were different. It’s not that I wasn’t grateful or that my family wasn’t as wonderful as always or that my 3rd pumpkin pie wasn’t as delicious as the first. (Let me emphasize that yes I meant pie not piece of pie… #noshame). But this week I remembered the world was broken and ever since I haven’t stopped mourning it.

While news anchors across the country have spent the past several weeks discussing the death of Michael Brown and the intent behind Officer Darren Wilson’s bullets, the rest of the world has somehow lost focus on the rest of the world. Now I am just a 21 year old girl who doesn’t pick up the newspaper until planes hit buildings or politicians run for office. I also don’t turn on the local news unless I might see a friend on the TV. So let’s all take a DEEP BREATH and remember I’m a southern girl with a big heart who has no intention of upsetting anyone with my opinion. But this is not the only injustice of the world that deserves our attention. IN FACT I think it is about time we allow Mrs. Brown to mourn her son in peace. And it’s time we let Mrs. Wilson rest well instead of worrying about her life, her husband’s life, or her future baby’s life. Let’s talk about other injustices.

You drank clean water today. Over 1 billion people do not have access to clean water. ( And while they can’t seem to access clean water and are dying from it about every few seconds, I personally took a 15 minute shower today. And when the water got cold I had the nerve to complain about it.

You wore clean clothes today. You probably used your clean water in the past week (ok, ok… you got me… two weeks) and washed your name brand clothing. The shirt on your back cost a minimum of $5. Unless you bought it at goodwill. Which you probably only did out of a fad, not out of need. And then you maybe even wore a rain jacket or wind breaker to protect yourself from this winter weather. You have at least two pairs of shoes in your closet. I want to punch myself in the face, because I went Black Friday shopping and bought three pairs of shoes and shampoo that cost me $20 a bottle.

You ate food today. “There [is] an estimated 868 million people who are undernourished and more than 100 million children under age five who are undernourished and underweight.” – This is a reality that hit home for me. I call my parents crying because I am eating Ramen or Campbell’s soup again… Again. Fist to Face.

You aren’t an indentured servant or sex slave. Besides the gospel this is probably what I am most passionate about. That there are over 27 million slaves in the world. ( Which is the most in HISTORY people!! And yet I can’t seem to get 27 college students to stand with me on the pedestrian walk to represent one million slaves each. But SOMEHOW people are willing to shut down Cumberland Ave for almost two hours today in protest over the Ferguson case… (again please hear my frustration towards the lack of attention to the rest of the world, not towards the attention Mr. Brown or Mr. Wilson have received.)

I could keep going. I could talk about the home you went into, the bed you slept in, the medicine you consumed, and more. But I won’t. Instead I would just urge you to remember that injustices aren’t always loud, but they are definitely prevalent. That the “inhumanity” exists just as much in the face in the mirror as it does the face on the front page.

– Sarah

6 thoughts on “Injustice isn’t always Black and White”

  • Thank you Sarah too opening eyes again as to all situations on the world where injustice prevales. I pray for a more courage to step up and more thankfulness as to what undeserved blessings God has sent my way. You have a God given talent for deep thoughts and words keep up your journaling. God Bless You.

  • I agree completely that there are many issues that are heartbreaking and ongoing around the world but I believe this issue also warrants attention. Being a Christian woman, I pray for peace and justice around the world and also at home. As much as the world is broken, there are neighborhoods here in our country that are broken as well.

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