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Your Grace is Enough.

First I need to give a shout out to the beautiful Megan Lange and her amazing talents behind a camera… she took the photo that is the new background image on my blog. Feel free to click the tab at the top that says Background Photo to see a better view of this photo and for links to all of her contact info if you ever need an amazing photographer or you want to know more about her!

The next thing I will say is that grace was redefined this week for me. I have learned a new meaning to a word that was already so dear to me. Jesus used a real-life example to humble me and remind me that I will always be at the mercy of the King and at the foot of the cross His Son died on.

Let me take you back to Monday night. 3:00a.m. (I guess that now means Tuesday morning) you would have found me in the 4th floor study room of South Carrick pouring over my Economics class notes studying hard, as I had been all week long. I stayed up the majority of the night and finally called it quits at 3:30am. I set my alarm, crawled into bed, and fell asleep wihin a matter of seconds.

At 11:38a.m. the following morning I woke up. I looked at my watch only to be in complete shock. I had slept through my exam. I literally didn’t believe my eyes. (YES I did attempt to close them and reopen them just hoping and praying I had mad a 10 turn into an 11 due to drowsiness). But as you suspected, my eyes were working just fine. I had slept through an exam that I HAD to get a good grade on in order to save myself from failing out of Economics 201. It was all over. I called my mother and told her I was quitting college that I didn’t have any other choice because I couldn’t withdraw from the class and if I failed my GPA was ruined. I literally felt hopeless.

Right then my roommate, the wonderful Claire Dodson, walked in and by the grace of God she helped me and cared for me and convinced me to go down and talk to my teacher. I got dressed as she walked with me all the way to Alumni Memorial all the while encouraging me on what to say to my proffeser. I thought it was all over. No way was this teacher just going to hand me a second chance. Out of a class of 608… why would she give a second thought of the one student who couldn’t manage to set her alarm… I walked in the door and my professor took one look at me. She smiled and said, “Sarah I noticed you weren’t here.” I began to cry. The fight against the tears were over. “Mrs. B I am so so sorry!” She patted my arm and said, “These things happen. Go to my office, stop and get a drink of water, and I will be over shortly to give you the exam.” And that was it. I walked out of the classroom. Hugged Claire and then went over to her office where I proceeded to take the exam and get an 86.

Unconditional Grace. No questions asked, no hesitation, simply love and understanding that everyone makes mistakes. Our God gives us this. He knows all and yet He desires to intimately be with us to the point where He does not desire for our sin to separate us from closeness with Him. Instead without asking questions and without doubting His children, He simply takes the blame and pulls us in closer saying “These things happen.” How beautiful and reassuring His love is. If only there were more people in the world that could love the way Christ did…. If every student, teacher, parent, politician, and friend loved with unconditional grace the way Jesus did (and how Mrs. B so beautifully reflected) think of how much better off we would all be. Amazing. Awe-struck Amazement.

“But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.” -2 Corinthians 12:9

Sit in this peace with me for a while.

– Sarah (:

1 thought on “Your Grace is Enough.”

  • ahhh.. sweet!

    nobody dead was raised, no parting of the sea, no turning of water into wine.

    just a simple “take the exam”, when you have missed the schedule
    is enough for God to demonstrate his grace.

    amazing grace!

    God’s love is universal yet personalized.

    grace and peace

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